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About Bristol’s Bud’s Candle Company:

Bristol’s Bud’s Candle Company is a Veteran Owned Toledo, Ohio-based fragrance company delivering on our promise to provide you a stunning aromatic experience.

Founded in 2020, Bristol’s Bud’s takes its namesake from our founder, Ryan Bristol. 

A native son of Toledo, Ryan has spent the majority of his life living, working, and raising a family in the Glass City. The grind of the city and its many small, local businesses are, in part, what inspired Ryan to open up shop right in his backyard. 

During his youth, Ryan would often be found working and living on his Grandparent’s bicentennial farm in Southeastern Michigan. This pivotal experience taught Ryan not only the importance of natural products and locally sourced ingredients, but also the ability to grow something from relatively nothing. 

For many years, Ryan's passion for growing, sourcing natural ingredients, and using his hands for craft work were pushed aside, as Ryan took up an office job to provide for his family of five. 

This past spring, after nearly 20 years of working in an office, Ryan was let go from his job as a result of COVID-19. But, alas, when one door closes, another one opens. This seemed to be a natural break and a chance to take the leap Ryan and his family were waiting for. After many years of working in a job that never quite felt like the right fit, Ryan has finally decided to make a career pursuing his passions and has found a renewed sense of purpose--to create handmade, all natural, fragrance products to you and your family, friends, and neighbors. In his own words, he made his first candle “Because I needed something to do during COVID.”

Ryan hopes to sustain his growing family--Pam, his wife of over 20 years, his 4 children, and his 5 grandchildren--by growing another locally owned, small business based out of Toledo, Ohio--or, simply, home.

From our family to yours--please know that we are thinking of you in these times of uncertainty. We hope you find as much joy in using our products, as we have had in making them.